We Are Green n White

At Green n White, we don’t much like the term ‘consumer’. Though we all ‘consume’ products, we spend far more of our time selecting them: browsing shelves, reading labels, weighing prices against pay-checks. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, this selection process is becoming ever-more complex. Many of us are feeling that a more intricate process of mental calculation – taking into account the ecological footprint of the item in question – is required before purchasing any single product. It’s not simply the case that every trip to the supermarket has become an ethical dilemma: our moral compasses are tested with every step we take, each new aisle we reach. 

Many of us endeavour (quite nobly) to navigate this difficult environment whilst keeping our consciences clear. But the odds are stacked against us. Supermarket shelves grant us too much choice, and offer no guarantee of honesty in the labelling process. Even those products which are correctly labelled are often prohibitively expensive. Perhaps most importantly, we are all busy people. The prospect of undertaking hours of research before nipping down to the shop is at best daunting, and at worst outright ridiculous.

We feel that neither time, nor money, nor deceptive corporate marketing should be allowed to keep us from making sustainable (and moral) decisions. That’s why we’ve created Green n White. We’re aiming to help you navigate the ethical minefield of modern shopping by providing easy access to a comprehensive range of sustainable home essentials, all at unbeatably low prices. Our membership service provides you with a one-stop shop for premium-quality, eco-friendly products offered at cost price. Your monthly – or even yearly – supply of domestic goods are available with a single click: saving time, hassle, and money (as well as the environment).

The climate crisis involves a paradox: people represent both the illness and the remedy. We’re seeking to build a community which strives to become a part of the solution. And like all good relationships – but unlike all good packaging – this process begins with transparency. We pride ourselves on being absolutely open with respect to our supply chain: all aspects of our network – from product, to packaging, to shipping – are made public in easily accessible detail. We encourage critical assessment of our methods, and welcome your feedback. For us, building a sustainable community will never be a one-way street.

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