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Our values

Our Values

Our goal is to make sustainable living a norm, not a privilege.
We believe our five key values will help us achieve this: Simple, Sustainable, Transparent, Affordable and Quality.


We favour a no excess approach when it comes to our products and product ranges. We use simple formulations of naturally derived ingredients, all contained within minimal packaging. Our range only includes the best product for each job, removing the guesswork from your household shop.


Minimising environmental impact is at the centre of everything we do, we just want to do the right thing and cover our costs. We’ll always strive to consider the full life cycle impact of the decisions we make.


We’ve done all the research for you and present it with total transparency, we’ll even admit when we could be doing something better. Check the product page for a full sustainability breakdown, including any compromises we’ve had to make and what we’re doing to avoid them in future.


To make the right choice affordable, the perfect product must be available at the perfect price. Our membership model and supply chain structure mean we don’t just compete with other eco-brands on price, we can even compete with the mainstream!


At Green n White, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for functionality. Our products are packed full of delicate natural fragrances, are easy on the eyes and are rigorously tested to ensure effectiveness.