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About us

Our Story

At Green n White, we’ve identified a problem: supermarket labels generally offer almost none of the information which we require to make informed decisions regarding climate-friendly living. This was a realization which our co-founder, Aaron, came to in that place where all good ideas are born: the toilet paper aisle of a popular retail outlet. After 20 minutes of scanning product after product, he’d found only bright colours and empty words. Upon speaking with Dan - the man who was to become his partner and co-founder - Aaron soon came to understand that he was not the only one who had encountered this issue.

From this period of toiletry-induced confusion, Green n White was born. We make our decisions based on environmental impact rather than profit, allowing our members to escape the deceptive and ethically challenging minefield that is the modern supermarket. Whereas mainstream retailers often deliberately obscure the salient facts regarding their packaging and supply chain, we strive for absolute transparency. We’ve done all of the research for you, and welcome the in-depth scrutiny of our products and methods which other brands work so hard to avoid.

What is Green n White?

At Green n White, we’re committed to solving the ethical dilemmas of modern shopping by providing easy and affordable access to a range of sustainable home essentials. Our membership service provides you with a one-stop shop for top-quality, environmentally-friendly products offered at cost price. We take only a modest membership fee, allowing us to offer markedly lower prices than can be found in the supermarket. Our aim is to make navigating the world as a sustainable consumer both convenient and affordable.

We take a no-excess approach to production and distribution, using simple ingredients contained within minimal packaging. Rather than offer a dozen products for each household task - leaving you with the burden of assessing not only their respective carbon footprints but also their relative effectiveness - we offer only a single product for every job, all of the absolute highest quality.

Minimising environmental impact is at the centre of everything we do. We understand that our decisions have consequences, and that as a company dealing in manufacturing and transportation the onus is on us to guarantee/make sure that every element of our supply chain is ecologically optimized. We strive to think critically about our strategies, and to ensure that we consider all the possible environmental ramifications of each and every decision we make.

We don’t want shopping green to be a luxury reserved for a privileged few. Our membership model and supply chain structure ensure that the ethical choice is always the affordable choice - for everyone.

No Misleading Claims

We won’t use terms like ‘naturally-derived’ to describe our products. This kind of language has, in light of of a lack of meaningful regulation from oversight bodies, been sapped of all its meaning: aren’t all things naturally-derived, if we’re willing to trace them back far enough? Nor will we make implicitly fear-mongering claims like ‘toxin free’ or ‘chemical free’. Chemical free cleaning simply doesn’t exist, and given that any parabens not proven to be harmless have been banned in the EU since 2014, all legal cosmetic products are ‘toxin free’!

One Stop Shop

We offer all the products you’ll need to replace your unsustainable household brands with eco-friendly alternatives. Your membership will allow you to upgrade to an environmentally-sound selection of home essentials, all with a single click.

You call the shots

At Green n White, we’re not simply creating a company; we’re seeking to build a community. And while we’ve taken every possible precaution to ensure that our products are as green as they can be, we understand that we’re not perfect. That’s why we’ve taken steps to ensure that community feedback is a pillar of our planning strategy. We encourage criticism and advice from our members, and will do all that we can to implement changes suggested by members of our community. Please get in touch with us - either via our contact form or on our social media - and have your say!

Meet the team!

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Aaron Addicoat


Maya Burnand

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